Authorized Distributors

Ascendance Wireless sells through authorized distributors. Please visit our authorized partners websites below!


(877) 228-6739

ALARMAX Distributors, Inc.

ALARMAX Distributors, Inc.
(800) 425-2760


(800) ANIXTER (264-9837)

DSG Distributors

DSG Distributors
(516) 249-8800


(800) 325-0221

The Systems Depot

The Systems Depot
(877) 797-3376


Tri-Ed Distribution
(888) 874-3336

Manufacturer Representatives

Use the interactive map to locate representatives in the US, or see the list of Canadian representatives below the map.

Manufacturer Representatives in Canada

Peter Garnham
PG Security Associates
(416) 997-7472

Jennifer Garnham
PG Security Associates
Central Canada
(416) 708-0795

Tomasz Figiel
PG Security Associates
Central Canada
(647) 231-7472

Chris Taschner
PG Security Associates
Toronto, Canada
(416) 823-4991

Eric Bergeron
PG Security Associates
Eastern Canada
(514) 340-0220

Ryan Kennedy
PG Security Associates
Western Canada
(604) 544-4994

Pre-sales and Sales Support

Having great products is only half the solution, support is just as critical. We back up all our solutions with industry leading support services.

Our process starts during our pre-sales activities, long before the sale takes place. Our experience proves having a thorough understanding of the project in advance ensures a success deployment and minimal back-end technical support. We begin with an in-depth discussion with the Integrator to understand both their and the End-Users’ goals and objectives. We then view the proposed site via one of our Online Mapping Tool applications to determine Scope of Work. This helps us identify potential network challenges well in advance of deployment, minimizing in-the-field surprises. It also confirms clarity of the project to the End User, Integrator and us. We also help the Integrator determine network bandwidth by calculating camera and other device requirements.

Once this step is completed, we then follow up with a network drawing and a BOM quote for the Distributor of choice or Integrator directly. On the quote, each item will have detailed product information and identify the location to be installed. In addition, there will be a line item labeled PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services group is here to make sure your deployment is successful.

Our Professional Services team offer to perform the following tasks for a minimal fee:

  • Implement Network Design
  • Assemble Network at our facility
  • Pre-program and Configure
  • Commission and Test
  • Provide Network Documentation
  • Professional Label Systems and Packaging

Having us perform this extensive level of support provides the project estimator with a firm cost of exactly what it will take to design, assemble, program, configure, commission, test and label the network. Once we quote an amount for this service, you can rest assured this number will not deviate. This translates into more accurate quotes. Having us perform this service helps free up internal resources and eliminates the need to hire RF engineers or other typically costly employees for projects that may not occur on a daily basis.

Our goal is for you to have a successful deployment with Project Profitability and Customer Satisfaction. If these goals can be achieved, everything else falls into place.

Onsite support is also available.