Perpetual Power Station (PPS)

///Perpetual Power Station (PPS)

Perpetual Power Station (PPS)

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Perpetual Power System Product Advantage

The Ascendance Wireless Perpetual Power System offers a turnkey solution to provide 24/7 reliable, uninterrupted power for remote applications, eliminating expensive utility power reconfiguration investments. A common use case for this product is on poles with timed street or parking lights. When commercial power is available, the PPS will supply power to the devices, and charge and maintain the battery bank. When the commercial power is cut, there is no down time and devices continue to receive power from the battery bank. These systems are pre-wired to minimize installation time and wiring errors. Pre-configured systems can be selected to minimize purchasing and specification efforts, and they are constructed from quality components to maximize reliability and system life.


  • On-Grid Power Solutions
  • Engineered to power multiple device types
  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Reliable Power Delivery
  • Designed by Geographic Area
  • Flexible Config: Pwr, Volt, AC/DC, Bat, etc.
  • High Input Voltage Capable – up to 550VAC
  • Multiple Enclosure Sizes and Options
  • Pole, Wall or Ground Mount Enclosure



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