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Wireless networks in businesses today offer an efficient, effective and cost-effective method to provide always-on network connectivity, without the requirement of a network cable. Employees can move from meeting to meeting throughout a building constantly connected to the same network resources enjoyed by wired, desk-bound coworkers. Multiple buildings can be connected together to share Networking and Telephony applications.

Many corporations, large and small, understand the necessity of company-wide network connectivity. The reliance on the network causes users to require more and more flexibility and capabilities when accessing the network. New and temporary offices require connections to the Internet and headquarters networks. Whether constructing a new building on an existing campus, adding capacity by connecting a temporary office or searching for a cost-effective method to connect buildings, traditional wireline connectivity can be problematic, expensive to install and in some situations impossible, especially if crossing roads or rail. Laying and trenching cable across a campus to a new site can be time-consuming and expensive.

The desire is strong for mobility. Ascendance Wireless understands the needs of business and has answered the request with some of the most advanced, cost-effective solutions available today.

We offer:

  • Access Points
  • Back Hauls
  • Network Design
  • Point-to-Point Links
  • Point-to-MultiPoint links
  • Network Management Software

Ascendance Wireless implements cost-effective Corporate Solutions

Shop all of our cost saving products
Shop all of our cost saving products