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How does a wireless Ethernet infrastructure help these growing concerns? Built specifically for real-world security applications, SecureLINX wireless devices transmit camera images/data from virtually anywhere with a combination of features unmatched in the industry today. SecureLINX provides enterprise solutions for the Campus and Education market that seamlessly interface with any number of IP or analog cameras, access control devices (IP), IP Intercoms, IP Mass notifications, Panic, Burglary, Fire & life Safety alarm systems or any other IP product. Rapid deployment in any environment means a campus can be up and running that day, with minimal configuration reducing the time a campus is unprotected. This in stark contrast to trenching; which is costly, disruptive, time prohibitive, dangerous, noisy, and requires people detour around the construction zone.


  • Physical Security/Surveillance
  • Fire/Life Safety
  • Health and Safety Environments
  • Education K-12, University Campuses Indoor and Outdoor Safety
  • Parking Lots and Structures

With the violent crimes and trauma taking place in recent years at our college campuses, law makers have passed several bills to strengthen the security, fire and life safety concerns on campuses nationwide.

Higher Education Act of 1965
Virginia Tech Victims Campus Emergency Response Policy and Notification Act
Supporting the goals and ideals of National Campus Safety Awareness Month
Higher Education Amendments of 2007
David Shick Honesty in Campus Justice Act
Campus Law Enforcement Emergency Response Act of 2007
To permit educational agencies and institutions to disclose certain information to parents of students who may pose a significant risk to their own safety or well-being, or to the safety or well-being of others.

Ascendance Wireless supports the goals and ideals of National Campus Safety Awareness.

Shop for all your Education related wireless products
Shop for all your Education related wireless products