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Fire and Life safety covers a wide range of human and environmental protection devices. The presence of an Internet line in the large majority of commercial buildings has provided an alternative way for virtually any fire system to communicate with a central station. The avoidance of costly phone lines while offering constant supervision of the system has made Internet reporting one of the hottest trends in fire.

In terms of better communication, the fire industry as a whole continues to demand more. They are requesting faster, more thorough information for first responders, central monitoring station and security personnel, as well as for building maintenance and owners. PC workstations and wireless PC tablets, all monitoring multiple systems on a campus or large network situation are becoming highly sought after products by these users.

SecureLINX is a superior, modular, scalable, cost effective enterprise wireless Ethernet system. Providing connectivity for Fire Alarm systems, Hazmat detection systems, Mass Notification systems, wireless Ethernet bridges between buildings allow campus environment to eliminate costly phone lines, trenching to provide dial up communication. Traditional phone lines systems report to their assigned central monitoring station every 24 hours for a test timer, then hang up. IP based systems poll every 6 seconds to the central station, 24/7, Fire Marshall (AHJ) are enjoying this communication efficiency and redundancy.

IP based communication in an alarm event remains online, allowing the central station to manage the changing environment when the alarm is tripped. Central station dispatch personnel can connect to the mass notification system and closed circuit television system to provide critical instructions to the local population for safe evacuation routes.

Our Products Include:

  • Fire/Life Safety, Forestry Fire Prevention
  • Energy, Oil Fields, Petroleum Process, Water, Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Industrial, Solar Fields, Wind Turbine Fields, Geothermal Plants
  • Dams, Bridges Highways and Tunnels
  • Corporate, Bridging Building and Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Health and Safety Environments
  • Education K-12, University Campuses
  • Shopping Malls Indoor and Outdoor Safety Parking Lots and Structures
  • Etc… Where ever an IP device is needed SecureLINX can get the job done!