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The Hospitality market has changed dramatically in respect to how technology can be embraced and deployed to streamline efficiency and facilitate the expectations of guests who now are truly mobile workers. Hotels can now take advantage of wireless networks and enable services extending past simply Internet access. Wireless devices are increasing becoming common by business and vacation travelers who expect wireless access during their stay. This increased demand created by the guests’ poses the question to Hoteliers how this service will be provided, whether it will be free to the guest or revenue generating.

A wireless network now makes it possible for Hoteliers to provide a superior guest experience. One of the main benefits of wireless is that it allows instant access to the Internet and IP Telephony services from anywhere on the hotel or resort property. Security issues have largely been alleviated through the widespread use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and encrypted Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2).

Some of the applications guests can experience are:

  • Greeted with curbside check-in
  • Fire Maintenance and housekeeping requests on demand
  • Efficient restaurant ordering
  • Spa and Resort Services
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Read email
  • View Web Applications
  • Access Private Networks
  • Messaging Services
  • Location based services (GPS enabled)

Ascendance Wireless is well experienced in this market and has deployed thousands of Access Points, Bridges, and Point-to-Point links world-wide in virtually all major chains and independents.

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Shop all our Hospitality related products