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This is where you will find links to download product brochures, data sheets and other related materials. Can’t find something in particular? Please contact us and we can help you locate it. 

Wireless Products Data Sheets

This system can be used in PtP and PtMP networks typically located at the Head End or Repeater location. Antennas are externalized. This is a very flexible platform allowing up to 4 radios of different frequencies and matching specific antennas to the coverage area.

These systems are Integrated Access Points (IAP’s), which include all required components with an Integrated Antenna. They can be used in PtP and PtMP networks. They can be installed at the Head End or the Camera/Far End location. When ordered as a “PAIR”, 2 systems are included, preconfigured and tested to work together in a PtP network.

This system is for indoor PtP and PtMP networks and includes all necessary equipment, including a 1 port PoE Switch. Up to 2 radios of different frequencies and matching specific antennas to the coverage area can be configured.

SecureLINX Tri-Band Ceiling mount indoor antenna (SL-ANT-CM datasheet)

SecureLINX 5GHz 12dB NF Outdoor Omni-directional antenna (SL-ANT-O58-12-NF datasheet)

SecureLINX 5GHz 6dB NM Outdoor Omni-directional antenna (SL-ANT-O58-6-NM datasheet)

SecureLINX 5GHz Series Outdoor Sector antennas

SecureLINX 900MHz Series Outdoor Omni-directional antennas

Wiegand Interface Extender Products

Solar Power Products

The following are sample network drawings. If you don’t see the configuration you are looking for, contact our Sales department for more details.


SecureLINX – IAP (Integrated Access Point) SYSTEMS

SecureLINX – WPLT (Wireless PLatform) SYSTEMS




The Ascendance Wireless Network Management System (ANMS) is used to configure and manage SecureLINX wireless nodes.

The ANMS has been designed to provide network administrators with a comprehensive and simple way to control and configure their network nodes and see real-time statistics.

ANMS Advanced Features:

  • ANMS Software included
  • Single Screen Administration
  • Save Profile For Each Network
  • Local and Remote Admin
  • Full Control of all Nodes
  • View Network Status
  • View Real-time Statistics
  • Load Background Image

SecureLINX ANMS Software

SecureLINX ANMS Administrative Manual

Please use the following links to learn more about wireless technology and how it can be leveraged to improve communications.

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